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Dead Sea Skin Care by Rotimi

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actor & singer rotimi
" I designed FAVR to bring positivity to how we look and feel everyday. Join me on the path to healthier skin, and become part of the FAVR community. "


Works better than anything I've tried in the past. The best part is it's black owned with ingredients from Israel. Highly recommend.


Top Ingredients for Your Skin

Activated Charcoal

Twice better than any cleanser, it draws out dirt, oil and toxins from your skin like a magnet.

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Dead Sea Minerals

Known for their therapeutic properties, they leave your skin feeling smooth and hydrated.

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Eyeliss Patented

Instantly de-puffs the under eye area giving you a brighter and younger look.

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I'm pleasantly surprised that this wasn't just a knockoff product line packaged as some celeb. It's so well formulated, with solid ingredients.


For Every Skin Care Routine

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For All Skin Types

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For Both Men & Women

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