Dead Sea Mineral Benefits

As the name implies, Dead Sea minerals come straight from the Dead Sea itself. The lowest point on earth, the Dead Sea, is a salt lake bordered by Israel and Jordan with unique properties not found in any other body of water around the world. Because of the high salt quantity in the water (it is over 8x saltier than average sea water!) and special minerals, the Dead Sea is widely recognized for its therapeutic qualities.

The Dead Sea contains some 45,000 million tons of salts rich in minerals - The Dead Sea Minerals. The Dead Sea contains 26 essential minerals including magnesium, calcium, potassium, and electrolytes including chloride and bromide to name a few. Twelve of these minerals do not exist in any other sea or ocean in the world. This unique composition of natural minerals is produced from dissolving the salt created in the natural evaporation process of the lake's water.

The Dead Sea is ten times richer in mineral substances than the water of other seas. This exceptional concentration makes the Dead Sea waters very beneficial for the body, especially for the skin. It is famous for its therapeutic qualities. Some of those include climatotherapy, heliotherapy (harnessing the positive biological effects of the sun’s radiation) and thalassotherapy (bathing in the sea water).

The Dead Sea is a natural wonder, but we can’t all be expected to spend our days bathing in this magical body of water to soak up it’s benefits- that's where skincare products, like our Dead Sea Mineral Mask come into play, bringing the concentrated benefits of the Dead Sea minerals straight into your home!

Reduces skin impurities & Hydrates Skin

If you have dry skin, try a Dead Sea mineral mask. Mineral masks work to remove impurities and dead skin, while leaving the skin feeling smooth and hydrated. Our Dead Sea mineral mask is the perfect addition to your skincare routine, to incorporate a little bit of nature’s magic on a weekly basis.