Summer Shine - How to Control Excess Oil this Summer

With the summer solstice behind us, the hottest season of the year is in full swing. And while that means summer holiday, beach days, and bonfires for some, it also means humidity, sweat, and excess oil- especially for those of us with oily prone skin. Summer shine can be a real ruiner - so keep reading to find out how to control the shine and feel comfortable in your skin year-round.

You might be wondering WHY does your skin suffer so much in these heat-filled months? Well, it's quite simple, as temperatures and humidity increase our skin's natural reaction is to produce more oil. Oil production is our skin’s way of protecting itself.

Here’s how you can keep the shine to a minimum:

Wash your face!

1. This might sound simple, but maintaining your skincare routine and washing your face twice a day with a gentle but powerful cleanser like our Charcoal Cleanser is one of the easiest and most efficient ways to combat excess oil.

2. Moisturize!

You may think that oily skin doesn’t need more moisture, but keeping your skin hydrated is crucial to combating summer shine. If your skin is dehydrated and dry, it will produce more oil to make up for the lack of moisture. Try our moisturizing balm rich with antioxidants to seal in moisture and balance facial oils for daily essential skin hydration.

3. Hydrate!

Summer months mean your body and skin suffer from dehydration much faster. Drink water to keep your internal and external organs happy. Now go drink a glass of water!